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Australia is a large and beautiful country and most ambassadors travel long distances to visit us. We encourage all visitors to take the opportunity to see as much of this wonderful and unique country which is beautiful in many different ways.

Come and see why we are proud to call Australia home.

The following maps will give you an idea of the size of Australia compared to Europe and the USA.

  • australia europe
  • australia usa

Although Australia is an island it should be noted that its land area is approximately the same size as the United States.

Some visitors before coming to Australia have requested day trips from Sydney to Alice Springs or the Great Barrier Reef. Cairns is one of the gateways to the Great Barrier Reef and is 296I kilometres from Sydney, and Perth the capital of Western Australia is as far away from Sydney as Los Angeles is from New York. Visitors should realise this is a big country with vast distances between major centres and attractions.

For those wishing to travel after journeys (alias exchanges), good air, rail and road services exist between major centres and are reasonably priced. Services are available to remote areas and can be expensive depending on the areas visited.

Now let us introduce you to some of the unusual wildlife we have in our wonderful country.

  • kangaroo and joey

    Kangaroo and "Joey"

  • emu


  • kookaburras


  • koala