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What is an Journey?

We call our Travel trips, Journeys (alias Exchanges), and The Melbourne Friendship Force club has one OUTBOUND journey and at least one INBOUND journey each year.

Journeys provide an opportunity for Ambassadors (visitors) and hosts to form friendships through home hospitality spending a week as part of a hosting family, sharing meals, conversation and sightseeing. Ambassadors and Hosts are matched by interests, life experiences, and age.

Each Club in Friendship Force International organise their own program for cultural exchanges. Through their Committee, Club members (called Ambassadors) apply to the headquarters of Friendship Force International in Atlanta, U.S.A. to have an exchange with another international Club of their choosing.

The Melbourne Friendship Force club welcomes you to join us in this wonderful cultural opportunity for an adventure that will take you beyond the tourist sights to experience an 'inside view' of the people, culture and customs far beyond our shores.

When members travel as ambassadors they pay an exchange management fee to Friendship Force International, an Ambassador fee to the hosting club and a small administrative fee to the Melbourne Friendship Force club. Evidence of personal travel insurance is a requirement for acceptance as an ambassador on an international journey.

Please see the pages in the left menu for details of future journeys, journey reports and photographs and examples of programs for incoming journeys.

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