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queensland map-w200 Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, one of the six states of Australia, with a population of approximately 2.15 million. We enjoy a subtropical climate - summer average temperature is 27°C and the minimum average temperature is 10° C. Brisbane can offer quality shopping, international cuisine, museums, galleries and wildlife parks.

The celebrated Gold Coast is an easy drive south of the city.


Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast

To the west are the fruit and vegetable growing areas of the Lockyer Valley. Small islands dot Moreton Bay to the east and the Glasshouse Mountains and the beautiful beaches of the Sunshine Coast lie to the North.

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Lockyer Valley Queensland

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Glasshouse Mountains


Sunshine Coast just North of Brisbane

What to Wear

dining 1 bm opt-w100 Pack casual light clothing and some special outfits for restaurants or an evening at the theatre. If you are coming in the winter months, you would be well advised to ask your Ambassador Coordinator (alias Exchange Director) to obtain more information on the appropriate clothing.


Our Host Coordinators work to a budget, trying to vary each journey so our members enjoy a selection of activities and locations for functions. If a group requests a particular activity we try to accommodate them, but if it is not possible we will advise the cost and availability to their Ambassador Coordinator. so it may be arranged as an optional extra.


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We advise ambassadors to look at a map and realise that the Barrier Reef is not possible to visit in a day trip from Brisbane. Likewise, Uluru (Ayers Rock) is not an overnight trip.

If these and other attractions are on the list of places ambassadors would like to see whilst in Australia, they should investigate the option of continuing on after the exchanges are over. We would be only too happy to provide as much information as we can gather on individual travel after a journey.

Australia is a large and beautiful country and most ambassadors travel long distances to visit with us so we would like them to take the opportunity to see as much of this wonderful, unique country, beautiful in many different ways, which we call home.


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