All Australian Friendship Force Clubs having a current charter with Friendship Force International (FFI) and being a financial member of an Australian District are members of the Australian Council of Friendship Force Clubs.

Friendship Force clubs throughout Australia are divided into districts based on location and association of convenience. There are three districts defined: Northern District, Central District and Southern District. The geographic location of the districts are: Queensland (Northern), New South Wales (Central) and Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia (Southern).

Friendship Force Australia clubs are supported through the Liaison Group and the group members are: Australian Coordinator, District Field Representatives, Financial Services Representative, Webmaster and Domestic Journey Coordinator.

The Australian Coordinator and Financial Services Person are FFI appointments. The three District Field Representatives are elected by their respective district members and approved by FFI. These Representatives are experienced FFI volunteers who, upon request provide expert counsel in all areas critical to the success of the organisation to clubs in their districts including club leaders and club members. The Webmaster is elected by council members at the Australian National Conference .

To provide a coherent domestic journey allocation reference number, clubs pass requests for a domestic journey to the Friendship Force Australia Domestic Journey Coordinator. The Domestic Journey Coordinator is elected by council members at the Australian National Conference.

Their assignments are directed by the Australian Coordinator in consultation with and by the authority of FFI staff. The operational expenses are shared between FFI and the clubs in their District.

Liaison Group

  • sue brannen

    Australian Coordinator
    Adrian Brown

  • andrew nelson small

    Finacial Services Representative
    Andrew Nelson

  • john stapleton

    FFA Webmaster
    John Stapleton

  • dennis mclean small

    Northern District Field Representative
    Don McKewen

  • kay graves small

    Central District Field Representative
    Kay Graves

  • lorraine williss small

    Southern District Field Representative
    Lynda Polain

  • graham duldig

    Domestic Journey Coordinator
    Graham Duldig