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australia vertical web logoOur clubs in Friendship Force Australia are part of the Friendship Force International worldwide network of clubs and individuals that promote 'a world of friends is a world of peace'. Go ahead and browse the Friendship Force Australia website for general information about Australia and our clubs.

Visiting Australia

australia regions map-w100Australia is a large and beautiful country and most ambassadors travel long distances to visit us, so we would encourage them or anyone to take the opportunity to see as much of this wonderful and unique country which is beautiful in many different ways.

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Australian Facts

australie 300pxAustralia has a population of over 23 million people. They live mostly along the coastal regions of this vast land of ours. You cannot do day trips from one capital city to another except by plane.

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Data Privacy

privacy logo h105All clubs, regularly review your data privacy policy on how to protect your club members personal information..

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Mike McFarlane, previous past club President of Sunshine Coast, has joined the Liaison Group as Project Officer. Mike will focus on development projects applicable to Friendship Force Australia.

Roll of Honour

scroll smallRoll of Honour is list of clubs who have had the honour of hosting an Australian National Conference since 1989.

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Australian Council

All Australian Friendship Force Clubs having a current charter with Friendship Force International and being a financial member of an Australian District are members of the Australian Council of Friendship Force Clubs. Friendship Force Australia clubs are divided into districts based on location and association of convenience.

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Membership Login

For general website browsing of our website a membership login is not required. However when a club member is assigned a role to interact with website then a login will be required by the member to perform their role.

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FFA Association Liability Policy

The Friendship Force of Australia Inc Association Liabilty Policy can be downloaded by clicking the link: PDF

Certificate of Insurance - Business

The Friendship Force of Australia Inc Certificate of Insurance - Business can be downloaded by clicking the link: PDF

FFA Risk Management Plan

The Friendship Force of Australia Inc Risk Management Plan can be downloaded by clicking the link: PDF

Hazardous Activities Exclusion

The Friendship Force of Australia Inc Hazardous Activities Exclusion can be downloaded by clicking the link: PDF

Curious About The World?

ffi new tagline mediumTake a journey into the heart of a country and its people.

Click or tap the link to download your copy of an exciting Curious About The World brochure: PDF

Friendship Force International

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Friendship Force Pledge

scroll smallClick the image scroll or 'Read more …' to browse the The Friendship Force Pledge.

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